October 19, 2021
Every Punk Has a Story: GFunk and the PUNKS Comic

Kevin chats with GFunk , founder of Pixel Vault , about the roots of the PUNKS Comic , the project's Tokenomics, the benefits of burning vs. staking, and what the roadmap has planned for the future. SELECTED LINKS FROM THE EP...

Kevin chats with GFunk, founder of Pixel Vault, about the roots of the PUNKS Comic, the project's Tokenomics, the benefits of burning vs. staking, and what the roadmap has planned for the future.



  • What is PUNKS Comic? [00:19]
  • How did GFunk get involved in the world of crypto and NFTs, what trends has he followed, and what's changed between his initial engagement with the community and today? [01:05]
  • How does GFunk recommend newcomers get involved in communities they find interesting? [04:24]
  • What did GFunk bring to the table that allowed him to form such enduring friendships in these communities? [05:31]
  • How PUNKS Comic incorporates traditional media into the mix, where funding originated, and what event prompted its launch. [06:43]
  • Was PUNKS Comic the first project to focus on backstory lore that's become standard fare for any NFT launch today? [09:09]
  • How does PUNKS Comic respectfully distance its IP from CryptoPunks? [10:57]
  • How did the project founders recruit such heavy-duty design talent? [12:36]
  • What is Pixel Vault, and how did it enter the picture? [14:25]
  • What does it mean to buy and hold an NFT PUNKS Comic, and what is tied in with that ownership?[15:52]
  • How were CryptoPunks fractionalized to finance PUNKS Comic -- and why? [17:35]
  • Would you burn an NFT for a Founder's DAO NFT, or stake it for 50% of $PUNKS tokens? [21:04]
  • Amazing 1/1 art held by the Founder's DAO as a "forced savings account" out of the grubby reach of habitual flippers -- you know who you are! [22:25]
  • How do the DAO assets appreciate? Is there any liquidity if someone decides to back out? [23:48]
  • How will future issues of PUNKS Comic cross over with MetaHeroes and Bored Apes, what is entailed in Pixel Vault's signing with WME, and what will this mean for NFT holders? [24:53]
  • What's the current status of planet NFTs in the MetaHero Universe? How accessible is the collection to someone living on a smaller budget? [27:53]
  • Looking forward, what role will a planet play in the MetaHero Universe, and how will decisions concerning that planet be made? [30:42]
  • What does the timeline look like for future gaming/NFT/metaverse project rollouts? Will there be barebones releases that get built up later, or will something be released only when it's truly complete? [32:56]
  • Thoughts on Web 3.0, centralized vs. decentralized, and non-Ethereum blockchains. [35:37]
  • How many issues of PUNKS Comic does GFunk envision? Into what other branches of media can we expect expansion, and how will the partnership with WME affect the community and the way forward? [39:34]
  • "At the end of the day, NFTs should be fun. If it's not bringing a smile to your face, you're doing something wrong." -GFunk [43:06]
  • What NFT projects and artists are currently occupying GFunk's attention? [45:45]
  • Kevin and GFunk agree: NFTs are still in early days. [49:38]
  • Parting thoughts. [50:47]