September 07, 2021
Collector Spotlight: Chris, Flamingo DAO member

"Chris" from Flamingo DAO breaks down his thesis on why long-term holding is the key to value accrual. They also cover the historical importance of key NFTs.

Collector Spotlight: Chris, Flamingo DAO Member "Chris" from Flamingo DAO breaks down his thesis on why long-term holding is the key to value accrual, how new NFTs are created by burning old ones, NFTs existing at the intersection of fashion and identity, favorite Art Blocks projects, favorite virtual land, up-and-coming artists, and the historical importance of key NFTs.


"Chris" is an anonymous member of Flamingo DAO who has the uncanny ability to identify the next big thing in the world of NFTs.



  • Who is Chris, and why did Kevin want to share his wisdom with our listeners? [00:50]
  • How did Chris get involved in the NFT world? [03:32]
  • How many people made the move from the LAO to Flamingo DAO? [07:17]
  • What was the first Flamingo purchase? [08:08]
  • The second Flamingo purchase, how it differs from the other "squiggly" generative art NFT project, and why Chris considers it historically relevant. [08:59]
  • Are we in an NFT bubble? How will good NFTs retain their value when there are so many subpar NFTs being churned out by copycats trying to make a quick buck? At their core, what are NFTs really about? What is Chris personally bearish about right now? [10:27]
  • What grabs Chris' attention when he first views a new NFT project? [15:05]
  • What is Chris's process for due diligence on a piece of NFT art before staking a claim? [18:42]
  • How can storytelling and world-building add value and joy to an NFT project? [21:48]
  • Are projects that burn or combine existing NFTs to create new ones too geeky? [23:20]
  • What is Framergence, and what constitutes a "grail" Framergence? [24:15]
  • How might one guess the value of a Framergence piece? [28:46]
  • Was Framergence the first of its kind? [30:32]
  • Imagining Art Blocks with a Framergence-style mechanic. [31:04]
  • What is Pulsquares? [31:53]
  • What ultimately drives Chris' interest in any given project? [36:11]
  • Animal Coloring Book: a new interactive NFT project that's caught the attention of the Flamingo DAO community. [36:40]
  • Struggling to figure out which projects are going to be worth something vs. worthless tomorrow? Chris says the chaos is just part of the fun, but you can make educated guesses. [39:56]
  • Thoughts on scarcity and abundance, why community is key for value retention, and examples of how this is playing out today. [41:46]
  • Chris predicts that a gaming-related NFT project will hit the market in the next six to 12 months that will change everyone's perception of what's possible. [45:34]
  • Favorite current metaverses, and what Chris believes it will take for a proper metaverse to take off in the mainstream. [46:32]
  • The metaverse avatar: an intersection of fashion and identity. [50:54]
  • If Chris could only buy one Art Blocks project, what would it be? [52:10]
  • With an unlimited budget, are there any big-name NFT artists Chris would collect? [53:04]
  • In what metaverse would Chris buy property? [54:14]
  • Up-and-coming NFT artists or generative art projects Chris has an eye on. [54:34]
  • Does platform matter to Chris when he's purchasing an NFT? [55:20]
  • Does Chris collect on multiple chains, or does he stick strictly to Ethereum? [57:47]
  • Does Chris secure his NFT storage to a level some might consider extreme? [59:18]
  • Parting thoughts. [1:00:59]